Rhino House

Welcome to House Rhino

After being initially conceptualised in 2011, the launch of the completed House Rhino is the culmination of vision, passion, dedication & great innovation, to deliver what is believed to be a first on the African continent – a pioneering green house, off grid from energy, water & effluent perspectives, utilising the very latest in technologies, materials and capabilities.

Built on an 1100m2 stand, this 450m2 home designed by CMAI Architects, has met with great acclaim from both local and international experts, thanks to the comprehensiveness of all that has been installed, covering both active and passive features.

As such, House Rhino is a showcase for the carefully selected & diverse range of solutions offered by The Rhino Group of Companies. Whilst an architectural gem, it demonstrates options for all building types.

Let’s take a brief wander through this extraordinary residence… and discover the future of green living…

  • The house is powered by roof-mounted solar photovoltaic panels, with a bank of zero-maintenance batteries charged by two inverters, giving the house autonomy. Further panels power the pool pump during daylight hours.
  • Active & passive energy saving achieved through LED lighting; energy-saving taps & shower heads; flat-plate solar water heating & heat pumps; double glazed windows; polycarb sheeting for light harvesting, including through skylights; underfloor heating through solar heated & stored water, along with water heating from the fireplace; gas cooking from recycled organic waste; Envirotuff roofing insulation, etc. Cooling of the house achieved through a thermal tower that extracts warm air via the highest point, passively, as well as through piped underfloor water cooling. The wine cooler benefits similarly.
  • Water sustainability achieved through significant rainwater harvesting, storage and recycling. 30,000l of storage tanks. Harvested & waste water treated using ozone and filters. Aquagardens, that form part of a complete loop along with reed bed systems, serve to naturally purify waste water. Such a loop includes the swimming pool. The driveway is made from the porous concrete product Hydromedia – all rainwater drains immediately and is collected underneath before flowing into the water recycling process.
  • The house was built with Aruba blocks, which offer not only vastly accelerated construction time, but also a threefold improvement in insulation value versus traditional brick, due to its’ own insulation properties and reduced need for heating/cooling in the house.
  • Recycled materials have been used extensively, including the decking, natural rock features and with cupboards & counters made from shutterboard. Even the roof-garden veggie boxes are made from recycled plastic. Baths, basins, flooring and counter-tops are from concrete.