North Rocks

North Rocks features old style living for the contemporary lifestyle and introduces a new house design plan for phase 2 – the Bailey House. This neighbourhood also allows for the design of the Agri-Terrace House, Village House, and one Mixed-Use stand for a commercial opportunity and the popular Farmstead House.

Bailey House stands

The North and mountain facing outdoor space is sheltered by a ‘baille’, derived from the French word meaning ‘enclosure’. This style of building is a unique addition to the second phase of development at Crossways Farm Village.

Sizes: from 222 m2 – 359 m2
Prices: from R285 000 – R410 000

Agri Terrace stands

The design defines the Character of Phase 2 and its environment. The single story Karoo style farm house situated above a terrace of vineyards, can be completed into a two or three bedroom home. The open patio is protected from the wind, and offers beautiful views over the wide open landscape.

Size: 335 m2
Price: R388 000

Village House stands

The architecture provides a varied and diverse range of efficient building types, focusing on defined street edges and public spaces that encourage an active and vibrant community feel.

Sizes: from 503 m2 – 803 m2
Prices: from R564 000 – R786 000

Mixed-use stand

One stand is reserved for a shop or a café to service the needs of the neighbourhood.

Size: 503 m2
Price: R564 000

Farm Stead stands

Situated along the agricultural edges of the surrounding farm area, the farmstead buildings are based on the traditional forms and structures of sheltered farmyards found throughout the Eastern Cape, providing a unique interpretation of a modern country farm lifestyle.

Sizes: sold out
Prices: sold out

Stands Sold: 12

Stands Available: 24

Under Construction: 0

Houses Occupied: 4