What is on offer

The entire development is phased and designed over various walkable neighbourhoods. These neighbourhoods are integrated between the prime agricultural land and the conservation areas. Each neighbourhood is uniquely designed and consists of small, medium and large stands, accommodating a wide range of income levels and specific needs for various age groups.

Community lifestyle experience

Crossways Farm Village residential areas radiate from the centre of the property, purposefully designed to create shared community spaces.

The Clubhouse offers residents a relaxed space for leisure activities including a swimming pool. Sport facilities will include tennis courts, a rugby and cricket field and a myriad of running paths.

The Village Centre will incorporate shops and restaurants, as well as entertainment facilities and services.

Additional amenities will include frail care and medical facilities to ensure close monitoring and professional medical attention.



The Castle


The Castle is the active heart and central focus of the Castle Ridge neighbourhood.

The Castle Ridge


Buildings in Castle Ridge neighbourhood are based on traditional forms and structures of sheltered farmyards

North Rocks


The North and mountain facing outdoor space is sheltered by a ‘baille’, derived from the French word meaning ‘enclosure’.

Sunnyvale Forest


Sunnyvale Forest offers home owners beautiful uncluttered views overlooking the Kloof Edge forest canopy.

The Workshops


Offering good visibility along the N2, the Workshops provide a space to non-polluting industries

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