Rhino House Roof Top Veggie Garden

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Waste will go into a biogas digester that will produce gas for cooking. You can also see part of the solar PV installation. Part of a comprehensive set of Solutions.

The Use of a roof garden together with a specially designed waterproofing system incorporated into the roof garden will assist in optimizing the feature. Utilizing both active and passive ventilation systems. the building design encourages the natural circulation of airflow by allowing warm air to rise while drawing cooler air through a series of low level ventilation grills.

Another air ventilation system making use of warm and cool air will also be used to improve both heating in the winter and cooling in the summer with this fresh air being ducted through the home, the air will be treated making use of an ozone air purification system that will reduce all air born bacteria reducing sickness and allergies.

For more information on the Rhino House visit  www.rhinoplastics.co.za