Village Facilities and Amenities

Where is the closest place to buy a loaf of bread/pint of milk?

The Sales centre node will accommodate a restaurant / shop where residents will be able to purchase these goods until Crossways Village Centre becomes viable in future phases.

Where can I do my weekly shopping?

The village centre, Port Elizabeth or other towns nearby. Initially shopping may be done in Port Elizabeth or Jeffreys Bay. In addition, Thornhill caters for the basics. At a later stage, Crossways Farm Village will cater for most items including shops, small supermarkets, restaurants, offices, accommodation facilities.

Where is the nearest pharmacy?

Commercial opportunities such as this will be available in the village and the clinic.

What recreational facilities will be available?

There will be a parkland linking with a multi purpose cricket/soccer/rugby oval, associated with the school, tennis and squash courts.  For cycling, walking and jogging there will be a network of streets and lanes within the village nodes which will connect with hiking trails and established mountain biking routes on Crossways 22 and in the wider region. There will be the opportunity for fishing in the dam and for an equestrian facility at the main farmyard node.

Where will my children be able to play?

Each neighbourhood will be served by a neighbourhood green space with play area within a 5-10 minute walk.  Toddler play parks are dedicated to smaller open pockets. The low trafficked lanes which service most houses also provide an opportunity for informal communal play. The entire village and farm will be safe and secure.