Is there a rental pool in place at Crossways Farm Village?

At present no formal rental pool agreement is in place at Crossways Farm Village. However later the HOA will establish a rental pool management company and all rentals will be managed by the HOA. No private rental will be allowed unless registered first at the HOA.  This is to ensure that all renters adhere to Constitution and the rules and regulations and also to ensure that the security is not compromised.

What is the climate like at Crossways Farm Village?

Crossways Farm Village is situated in a mild Eastern Cape coastal belt.  The climate in this region of South Africa is gentle with an average annual rainfall of 836mm. Daytime temperatures during summer average 25 degrees Celsius, and seldom fall below 16 degrees Celsius at night.

Phases – over what time scale is it anticipated that the development will be complete?

It is estimated that the development will take place over a period of 7 years. Currently there are seven phases and or sub phases. This might vary to suit the developer and the civil contracts to be negotiated.

Fire Management

A fire management plan done by an expert Fire Broker as per Record of Decision (ROD) requirements will be executed.