Building and Architectural Guidelines

Is there a prescribed Architectural Guideline and Codebook?

Yes. A form-based, Architectural Guideline and Code Book (the “Guidelines”) will apply to all architectural, landscaping and urban design features, structures and buildings on the development.  All building plans must adhere to these Guidelines.

Are there any obligations on purchasers to follow design parameters when building their unit?

In order to ensure high standards and to safeguard the investment of purchasers, all units erected on the residential component must comply with the Guidelines [a copy of which will be provided to each purchaser upon payment of the 10% cash deposit].  The Guidelines ensure harmonious design and proper spacing of buildings.

Who will be responsible for construction of the units?

CFV has a list of approved architects and builders available. (Purchasers must use such architects, designers, draftsmen and builders in order to ensure the harmonious design of all units on the development.  The sales office can provide further information and assistance.

May I use any architect or architectural technician?

Only architects and/or qualified draftsmen as approved by the developer can be used. Your own architects and/or draftsmen may apply for approval, having demonstrated their full understanding of the Guidelines and Codebook.

Who will approve the building plans?

An owner must submit his/her plans to the Architectural Review Panel (the “Review Panel”) for approval. The Review Panel will charge a normal plan approval fee and once the plans have been accepted, the Review Panel will stamp the plans, where after they must be submitted to the Kouga Municipality for final approval.

Will building contractors have to pay a registration fee?

Yes, and they have to be approved and registered by the developer, the HOA and the National Home Builders Registration Council (the “NHBRC”) once they have undergone and attended the compulsory training course.

Will there be a prescribed list of building contractors?

Yes, the list is available from the sales office.

Is the use of sun panels, gas appliances, rainwater harvesting prescribed?

Yes. The installation and promotion of technologically advanced energy efficient systems, components and upgrades, as well as the innovative use of recycled building materials, is strongly encouraged throughout Crossways Farm Village.

May purchasers build swimming pools?

Yes.  Natural (chemical free) Wetland pools are highly recommended in the Guidelines and Codebook.

Will there be a time limit on construction?

2 years after transfer of erf in respect of Castle Units and 5 years after transfer of an erf in respect of remainder units.